Academic learning center launches on-the-spot help for students

by Frank Roberts correspondent Within the undulating life of a college student exists waves of unclear paper formats, ambiguous assignments and persistent writer’s block. Through the efforts of two staff members, Moody has recently introduced

Alumnus heads up community center to reach Hispanics in Texas

by Andy Stewart staff writer Could you cut your community’s crime rate in half with two rooms and a computer lab? Since Colby Mowery, international ministries graduate of 2012, became the community outreach coordinator of

Adjusting destructive eating habits through rejecting untruth

by Donovan Westbrooks correspondent Food is integral to humanity. It sustains us. It delights us. It brings us together. But it also destroys us. It is at the heart of mankind’s rejection of our Creator. The first

Moody men’s soccer three-peat as NCCAA Division II national champions

by Jon Forsythe  features editor Craig Zebell, sophomore intercultural ministries major and midfielder, steps up to the ball. All we have worked for, sweated for, sacrificed our bodies for, comes down to his next touch

Head coach lauds players’ killer instincts, reflects on season highlights

by John Osborn sports editor After a respectable start to the season, the Lady Archers went into a slight lull mid-season with losses against some relatively strong NAIA and DIII teams. But the team continued

Artist Next Door: Painter seeks to use art as natural, not forced, result of faith

by Theodore Siu correspondent In light of the post-modern period of abstract art, one would be hard-pressed to find an artist as genuine and sincere as Abigail Carlson. A sophomore urban ministries major, Carlson first

Moody alumnus challenges discernment between God’s will, acting on it

by Lebo Pooe correspondent Moody alumnus Dr. Mike Fabarez, from the class of ’85, addressed the student body during Spiritual Enrichment Week from November 4-8. Annually, Dr. Paul Nyquist, president of Moody Bible Institute, invites

Well equipped gym’s facilitate a varied exercise program

by Josh Winkler correspondent “Dumbbells are dumb” I chuckled to myself. As a high school student, I didn’t know very much about weightlifting, but I knew that alliteration and lame jokes are funny in your

Student captures pieces of God’s glory through natural photography

by Adelina Ghilea staff writer Josh Merrill, junior communications major, has turned his childhood curiosity into a passion and a profession: an innate fascination with nature opened up the way for him to become a

Balancing sleep-cycles beneficial for students

by Olivia Hill copy editor College students are notorious for pulling all-nighters, surviving with minimal sleep and drinking excessive amounts of caffeine. Last minute paper-writing, late night discussions with friends, and Netflix TV marathon watching