Thrifting couples students’ individual expression with pocket savings

by Korey Kostek correspondent For the Millennial generation, individualism is highly prized, and the thrift store is the perfect outlet for that expression. Thrift stores have become increasingly popular among college-age students, and not only

Behind the cameras: Dispatch provides around-the-clock surveillance

by Robin O’Connor correspondent Your primary interactions with Public Safety have probably been with the expert ID spotters who greet you as you enter Sweeting or Torrey-Gray. However, there is much more to the campus

Artist Next Door: Painter seeks to use art as natural, not forced, result of faith

by Theodore Siu correspondent In light of the post-modern period of abstract art, one would be hard-pressed to find an artist as genuine and sincere as Abigail Carlson. A sophomore urban ministries major, Carlson first

[iNfoRmaL] seeks to entertain, promote introspection in student body

by Chris Lieberman correspondent Few student groups create the kind of energy on campus that [iNfoRmaL] does. Five minutes before a show, you can feel the excitement in the room as hundreds of students pack

Health sharing creates healthcare coverage alternative to Medi-Care

by Chris Lieberman correspondent Anyone who spends any amount of time in evangelical circles will likely be faced with the idea of trying to get the Church back to the state it was in at

“Twilight Zone” sets precedent for science fiction

by Kaitlyn Schwenk correspondent Eerie music. Macabre plot twists. Thrilling psychological horror. The infamous theme song. Ladies and gentlemen, you have now entered “The Twilight Zone.” Considered a classic and held in reverence by American TV

Battlegrounds: What I learned at Michigan State

Over the weekend, I spent a little time on the campus of Michigan State University. There were several drastic contrasts between MSU and Moody, including the size of the campus, the student population and

Professor discusses thematic elements of the Gospel of Luke

by Marcus Goble correspondent Dr. Benjamin Wilson, special instructor of biblical studies, spoke on Thursday, Sept. 26 for a Student Theological Society event titled “The Death of Christ in Lukan Theology.” Small variances in the ways

Recent film analyzes ‘the now’ mentality

by Shelby Miller managing design editor “The Spectacular Now,” released in theaters Aug. 2, typifies the modern high school scene: the now is all that counts, the moment all that matters. With deliberate, blaring accuracy

Harpist walks by faith to pursue her passion

by Jon Forsythe features editor Shiloh Van Oss, freshmen TESOL major, began her journey to becoming an avid harpist on her 10th birthday. “I started playing when my grandma gave me a toy harp, and