Great Commission: Missionary journalist tells God’s stories

by Jonathan Huang staff writer The latest headline of his blog reads “Storytelling is My Life.” Those who know journalist Lincoln Brunner will tell you there exists hardly any evidence to the contrary. After cutting

Great Commission: Vatican calls for prayer over human trafficking

by Theodore Siu correspondent Feb. 8 marked the Vatican’s first attempt at commissioning an international day of prayer against human trafficking as nearly 1,000 people gathered together for midday mass at the Basilica of the

Great Commission: Hope of life after graduation

by Grace Petit correspondent During his senior year at Moody, Dan Dominguez met and fell in love with Abigail Brunsink. After graduating in 2012, the two married and began their ministry together at an outreach-focused

Great Commission: Moody students experience a taste of homelessness in Frontlines event

On Friday, Nov. 14, Moody students set aside the luxuries of indoor heating, plumbing, WiFi and personal possessions to experience a taste of homelessness. Organized by Frontlines, Moody’s student-led homeless outreach program, this year’s

Great Commission: Missionary released after two-year imprisonment

by John Osborn news editor Kenneth Bae, the longest-imprisoned American in North Korea was released after two years internment on Sunday, Nov. 8, the same day as the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted

Great Commission: Palestinian Christians face danger, discrimination

by Kylie Hultgren correspondent “The clock is ticking.” Chapel speaker Dr. Joel Rosenberg used these words to describe the conflict in Israel and Gaza. Rosenberg warned students not to become blind to the suffering of the

Great Commission: ISIS continues deadly persecutions of Christians, dissidents

by A. Strickland correspondent Whether you’ve turned on a TV, laptop or smartphone, chances are you’ve been hearing about the persecution of minorities, especially Christians, in the Middle East. Mass executions, floggings, crucifixions, rapes and

Great Commission: Professors use sabbatical to sharpen skills and pursue ministry

by Dillon Mack news editor To the average student, it may seem like professors have it good. They don’t have to work during the summer and, every now and then, they get something called a

Great Commission: Recent graduate finds his expectations shattered by God

by Dillon Mack news editor It didn’t take long after 2012 graduate Jeremy Schambach walked out of Moody’s famed arch to find out that God often shatters our expectations. Schambach, who graduated with a BA

Alumnus heads up community center to reach Hispanics in Texas

by Andy Stewart staff writer Could you cut your community’s crime rate in half with two rooms and a computer lab? Since Colby Mowery, international ministries graduate of 2012, became the community outreach coordinator of