The Friendship of Fandom

At the intersection of psychology, physiology and sociology by Andrew Cullen, art & culture editor We all know that playing sports makes us healthier; physical activity improves both our physical and psychological well-being in many different

Are we mistaken about bacon?

Research reveals the consequences of consuming too much meat by Andrew Cullen campus and city editor I often hear students complaining about the meat served in the SDR. They complain about the quality of the meat,

Gluten-free corner: crumbly mess or savory alternative?

by Megan Wohlers correspondent Imagine that you could never eat some of your favorite foods, such as pasta, doughnuts or pizza. Imagine wistfully sitting in the SDR next to your roommate, who is happily munching

How to play it safe to fend off allergies all season long

by Zoe Whyte correspondent It’s allergy season again and as the pollen count rises, so do Kleenex sales. If you are a seasonal allergy sufferer you are probably looking for some ways to help avoid

Well equipped gym’s facilitate a varied exercise program

by Josh Winkler correspondent “Dumbbells are dumb” I chuckled to myself. As a high school student, I didn’t know very much about weightlifting, but I knew that alliteration and lame jokes are funny in your

CTA begins new bike-sharing program

by Sam Salerno correspondent Even if the start of the new school year has kept them from visiting Solheim Gym during the past two weeks, students still may have noticed the new bike racks filled

Explaining what students need to know about defibrillators, how to use them

by Jonathon Osborn staff writer If you had the chance to save a life, would you? Could you? Cardiac arrest, the ceasing of proper blood flow due to a wild and erratic heart-beat, is the leading cause

Prevalence of cutting at Moody revealed, myths and motivations explained

by Jenna Pirrie editor-in-chief Would you want to know about it if someone down the hall from you was being physically harmed every day? What if the person causing the pain was themselves? According to an

Basketball paves the way for the gospel in Northern Ethiopia

by Lebo Pooe correspondent On March 10, 2013, Moody Bible Institute’s men’s and women’s basketball teams set off for two weeks of ministry through basketball the East African way. The teams arrived in Addis Ababa,

The truth about the Paleo diet

by Angeline McCall correspondent It seems like most conversations I have about nutrition culminate in reports of newfound “knowledge” that some type of food I eat regularly is bad for my body, and that this