What you need to know about mission trip vaccinations

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How to fight springtime allergies

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Immunizations protect the herd, offer few risks

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Remedies for winter: disabling dry skin

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Juice cleanse diets serve as detox, health alternative

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Students explore veganism as dietary alternative

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Soothing away the stress with aromatherapy

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Healthwise: Chicago offers litany of competitive running events

by Jon Forsythe sports editor Living in Chicago provides a wealth of opportunities to remain active in the fall. One activity that is readily accessible is competitive running. Each weekend, there are dozens of races

Healthy tea trends are ‘steeping’ the nation

by Zoe Whyte correspondent The forefathers of this country, the British settlers, were pretty serious about their tea. One of the first strikes the tea-loving colonists made against the Crown was to dump an overtaxed