Letters to the editor: Responses to last issue’s “Addressing Institutional Sexism”

These are responses written in response of the Institutional Sexism article published in Volume 81:5. To whom it may concern, Thank you for taking time to read this. I am a consistent reader of The

Letter to the editor: Prohibition

Hi, My name is Laura, and I was very impressed with the article in this past Moody Standard entitled “Let’s Talk Prohibition.” It is something that should be addressed, and I am glad you wrote

Letter to the Editor: Stepping stones

by Jonathan Buchanan correspondent We are brought into massive expectations here at Moody. For many of us, we have dreams of plugging into ministry and directly impacting the kingdom of God. We long to make

Letter to the Editor: Response to Dr. Litfin

by Stephen Kott correspondent I strongly disagree with what was written by Dr. Bryan Litfin in the last issue of The Moody Standard. Dr. Litfin claims that the term “white privilege” is inflammatory, yet the only ones

Letter to the editor: Privilege rescinded

by Eric Redmond assistant professor of Bible As new transplants to the Chicago area, our family has come with great hopes and dreams of the joyous things the Lord has in store for us. We

Letter to the Editor: Monopoly played unfairly

by Clive Craigen faculty Imagine yourself playing a game of Monopoly. The rules have been changed. Certain players can collect money when they pass Go. They can buy property and build houses and hotels. Other

Letter to the Editor: Don’t stop the race conversations, utilize them for change

by Brooke Nedland correspondent Most of us have been having racial conversations since we were small children; we wondered why someone didn’t look like us or asked why someone treated us differently. It’s not that the

Letter to the Editor: Response to Dr. Litfin

by Alex Hagenbaumer correspondent Moody’s Embrace is a “student group on the Moody Bible Institute campus focused on the eradication of racial tension when concerning black people through discussion, education, and celebration of the many different black

Letter to the Editor: Focusing on the real issue of “white privilege”

by Lex Love correspondent In the recent April issue, Moody professor Bryan Litfin wrote a letter to the editor contending that we should altogether abandon the term “white privilege” in our discourse at Moody. Using

Letter to the Editor: Rescinding the term “white privilege”

by Brian Litfin professor of theology The topic of “white privilege” recently became a subject of campus discussion after a poster from the student group Embrace was vandalized. I contributed negatively to that discussion when