Moody Ranked #1 Christian Counseling Degree

Moody Bible Institute has recently been named the top Christian college for a counseling degree in 2018, in a list by Kirsten Hughes of The list covers many bachelor degrees, both in arts and sciences, including, but not limited to, professional counseling, counseling psychology, biblical counseling, and pre-counseling—for which Moody has been named top.

Cleansing the Temple

Near the intersection between Clark St. and Chicago Ave., a short walk from Moody Bible Institute, stands a new Mormon meeting house. In response, a few Moody students have created a club, called Temple Run, that focuses strictly on Mormon outreach.

Spokane Starts Fresh

Several months after the announcement of Moody Spokane's closure, many involved in the ministries surrounding Spokane are working to ensure that there continues to be the opportunity for Biblical teaching and schooling in the city of Spokane.

Hurricane Harvey at Moody

by Kai Newell, correspondent Hurricane Harvey caused widespread damage in Houston, costing the economy an estimated $190 billion, according to AccuWeather. ABC reports that over 185,000 homes were damaged or destroyed by the storm. Moody Bible