Influenza virus spreads rapidly throughout country

by Sam Salerno correspondent In a deadly flu season rivaling that of 2009-2010, hundreds of thousands of people across the country are being affected by this year’s evolving strains of influenza. According to a 2004

Recent shootings spark gun control debate

by Karsten Hultgren correspondent Newtown, Connecticut went from being an obscure town to a household name within minutes of the mass chaos of the Sandy Hook shooting on Dec. 14 2012.  The catastrophe killed 26

Israel launches airstrikes: Moody community weighs in

by Reichert Zalameda correspondent Tension escalated on Nov. 14 when Israel launched airstrikes against Gaza in an operation code named “Operation Pillar of Defense.” The strike killed key leaders of the Hamas, including Ahmed al-Ja’abari,

The final two presidential debates prove to be fiery

by Dillon Mack staff writer The last two presidential debates on Oct. 16 and Oct. 22 have been important ones for both candidates in the upcoming race. Each candidate had to adjust according to his

Blasphemy case erupts in Egypt: two Christian boys arrested as result

by Noelle Mapstead correspondent In Cairo, Egypt, two Coptic Christian boys were arrested on Oct. 2 for allegedly defiling the Quran by urinating on it. This is only one of many cases regarding Christians polluting

Romney said to have won first presidential debate

by Dillon Mack staff writer Oct. 3 marked the beginning of the end of the presidential campaign season, as the candidates faced off in the first of three presidential debates that will take place prior

Protests erupt across the Middle East

by Dillon Mack staff writer Over the past week, the Middle East and parts of northern Africa have been peppered with protests. The Atlantic Wire released a map displaying the cities that have been in

Worst Fire in Israel’s Modern History

A forest fire that started in the Carmel region has been burning through Northern Israel since 11:30 a.m. Thursday. An estimated 40 people have been killed. Thousands have been evacuated while firefighters and rescue

Cambodia: Hundreds killed in music festival stampede

The disaster occurred when a crowd attending a festival celebrating the end of the rainy season returned from the venue’s artificial island across a bridge roughly 30 yards wide and 300 yards long. The

Police say Florida child molestation manual legal

by Shawn Boyd staff writer Law enforcement officials in Orange County, Fla. announced recently that a 170-page manual describing how to lure and molest children has been found circulating online. Police say the manual is