Moody alumnus writes songs of displaced in U.S.

by Sam Solerno correspondent Following the recent release of his benefit album “7 Years,” Moody alumnus and up-and-coming songwriter Jacob Mau came to Moody’s graduate chapel on Wednesday, Feb. 26 to explain his project. Through

Moody study abroad program continues to expand global reach

by Jenna Reed correspondent In the fall, spring or summer semester, Moody students can be found traveling around the world learning, ministering and immersing themselves in other cultures. Whether it be standing before the church

Moody Publishing expands collection by acquiring historic publishing company

by Isaac Wilson editor-in-chief On Monday, Nov. 4, 117-year-old Moody Publishers acquired WingSpread Publishers, the publishing division of parent company Zur, Ltd. By adding WingSpread’s 138 titles, including 57 works by A.W. Tozer, to its

International surveillance scandal brings criticism, response in US

by Dillon Mack news editor Several countries voiced outrage as reports of the United States’ international spying records surfaced. As CNN reported, the leaks by Edward Snowden last June revealed that the United States has

Moody alumnus challenges discernment between God’s will, acting on it

by Lebo Pooe correspondent Moody alumnus Dr. Mike Fabarez, from the class of ’85, addressed the student body during Spiritual Enrichment Week from November 4-8. Annually, Dr. Paul Nyquist, president of Moody Bible Institute, invites

National organization presents on work for North Korean refugees

by Johannah Hensler correspondent On Friday night, students gathered to watch a film by Liberty in North Korea (LINK) about Danny, a North Korean who escaped in 2005 at the age of 17. While many

The Crossroads: Bringing the captive to freedom and the captors to justice

The blurred line that exists for many Christians between their roles as believers and citizens of particular countries often leads to a confusion between ministry and civic justice. For many Christians, they see the

Reporter tracks the day of a maintenance student in Spokane aviation program

(article originally published in the Moody Mosaic May 15, 2013) by Anna Nieman correspondent Two phone alarms sound simultaneously in the crowded bedroom. A moan sounds from the bottom bunk; in the top, a young man

Christians around the world face intense persecution from Muslim groups

by Sullivan Williams correspondent Several militant Islamic fundamentalist groups attacked civilians around the world over the last few weeks. These attacks have come without warning, some specifically targeting Christians, others targeting non-Muslims. In Kenya, a militant

Associate dean explains reasoning, future for furniture limitations

by Kaitlyn Schwenk correspondent Whether by reading the Student Life Guide or hearing it from an RA, by now the whole campus has discovered the new rules regarding dorm furniture. Despite this, much confusion still