So Yoked: More than I bargained for

by Katie Skero news editor This month, I will graduate from Moody and give birth to my first son. I guess you could say it’s a big month for me, and as I prepare for it,

So Yoked: Why you won’t see me at the American Dream’s funeral

“The American dream has become a myth,” said Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz. Stiglitz is an economics professor at Columbia University, and his analysis of what he called the “American fairytale” was reported in

So Yoked: Pregnancy flux and the Immutable Father

To the few of you who have been pregnant and the multitudes who have not, welcome to my pregnant world of thoughts, lessons and spiritual analogies. Pregnancy is all about change. As I reflect on

So Yoked: The stewardship of attention

by Katie Skero news editor We were sleeping in tents at an orphanage in Carrefour, Haiti two months after the 2010 earthquake shook the already economically destitute country to rubble − and we still had

So Yoked: Pursuit of a Christ-less culture

by Katie Skero news editor If Christians truly had it their way, how would society look? What are the first issues you would tackle? Perhaps abortion would be abolished or gay marriage would be made

So Yoked: The importance of voting

by Katie Skero news editor For many Moody students, this upcoming presidential election may be the first one in which they are legally able to vote. I turned 18 one month after the 2008 presidential election.

So Yoked: Gratitude Not Required

by Katie Skero news editor I wrote it on all of my scholarship applications in high school: “When I go to college in downtown Chicago, I will have the rich experience of seeing the most

So Yoked: Someone to Miss

by Katie Skero, news editor When we came to Moody, we all uprooted; we all left someone behind. Someone to call once a week. Someone we beg to visit. Someone to miss. And, after four

So Yoked: The naked sin nature: disrobed by marriage

by Katie Skero, news editor Can I share a secret with you, single friends? Can I tell you something true, you who are dating? Can I give you a fresh perspective, oh engaged ones? The truth

So Yoked: Lessons from the stovetop: this perception of clean

by Katie Skero, news editor Of all of the dreadful household chores, the most dreadful of them all is cleaning the stovetop. I dislike the process of cleaning mine so much that I avoid it