Soapbox: The rejected ministry

by Justin Rumley guest writer “Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” —John Adams This quote from our second president illuminates

Soapbox: We are not Jesus Christ

by Kate Kjeldgaard guest writer My family of 10 named itself “Ten2Kenya” when we packed our 20 bags and left for an exotic year on the mission field with Agape Children’s Ministry. It was as

Is Christ against Culture?

by Kyeong-Sook Park Professor of intercultural studies During my tenure at MBI, I have heard evangelical leaders bashing culture: “Culture has be- come an authority, replacing bib- lical theology,” “when consumed by culture, we lose our moor-

Soapbox: Let me tell you about MCR

by Adelina Ghila MCR station manager MCR has occupied a major part of my life during these past couple of years. Being a host, then a program director and eventually the station manager of MCR

Soapbox: The inadequacy of “privilege”

Jill White Column Card

by Jill White faculty advisor In a recent evening Bible study, I shared a prayer request for the Moody community in the wake of the Twitter storm that followed the damaging of an Embrace poster

Soapbox: In search of informed opinions

People- If I didn’t keep in touch with folks and sometimes see cute Mia/Brody/Lana photos via FB I would cancel my account immediately. It would be out of frustration though and so I’ll wait.

Soapbox: Concerning Truth and skill

by Ray Leal managing design editor As a filmmaker and cinephile, I think I have an insight on films that some people don’t. I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine about Christian

Soapbox: Bloom like a weed

by Madi Ghesquiere senior children’s ministry I’m sure most of you heard (or heard about) Nigel Paul speaking at Missions Conference this year. He certainly had a lot to say. I enjoyed hearing about his

Soapbox: Our (non) post-racial America

Does racism still exist in a country that prides itself in freedom and equality? One cannot deny the differences between each race and culture and the fact that conflicts arise when these differences are

Soapbox: Growing opinions on Ferguson protests reveal deeper tensions

by Tiana Taylor senior communications Two months ago the name “Ferguson” meant very little to most people. Now however, the name of this small town in Missouri has gained nationwide, if not worldwide infamy. In