Occupy Wall Street calls for government intervention with corporate greed

by Kaitlin Atmore, editor-in-chief The Occupy Wall Street movement entered its second month of protests on Oct. 18. Demonstrations over the nation’s wealthiest one percent began on Sept. 17 in Liberty Square, New York City. According

Mexican Drug War continues after four years of violence, 34,600 deaths

by Andrea Stimmel, staff writer On Sept. 20, 2011, masked gunmen blocked traffic to dump the bodies of 35 murder victims on a main road in Boca del Rio, Mexico, as civilians watched in horror.

Weathering the Weather: keeping warm while you run

Weathering the weather: keeping warm while you run

by Melissa Zaldivar, news editor The temperature has dropped in the last few weeks, bringing with it fall colors and fall winds. Chicago is known for being windy and cold in winter, and it is

Screwtape on Church

by Parker Hathaway, correspondent My Dear Wormwood, It is of utmost importance that you give students of Moody your deepest affection. Through the years, the alumni have won many a convert. This is no task for

North South ins and outs

North South Game 2010

by Ty Gotham, staff writer    Updated: Oct. 29 The Culbertson/Dryer feud is an age old one, and it is fueled by one main event: the North/South Bowl. Based on the performance of the players

Churches throughout the country seek to eliminate distractions in worship services

Children leaving the service

by Shawn Boyd, staff writer  “At South Carolina’s NewSpring Church, children are not admitted to the main service and doors are locked after the sermon starts,” wrote Christianity Today. “In North Carolina, Elevation Church leaders

Need an adventure? Rescue? Vacation? Read one of these easy books

by Nicole Thorsen, correspondent For many of us, the thought of reading another theology or philosophy book makes our heads spin. However, a pleasant, simple fiction may take your mind off your studies for a

Behind the counter: get to know CPO

by Andrea Stimmel, staff writer Have you ever met your post office workers? The Campus Post Office is just one of three areas of Moody’s Mail Services, which includes the Copy Center and the Mail

Second star to the right, where the heartless live and grownups cannot

by David T. Ulrich, features editor “Peter Pan” is not a feel-good book. Yes, it has fairy dust and adventures in the air, but when you finish, you are more skeptical of lovely fantasies than

Storyteller since 11 writing fantasies, poems

“More than saying I’m an artist, I would say I’m a human, and I breathe, and sometimes as I breathe I begin to write.” -Noëlle Beck, artist and junior theology major.