What we do for Christmas

by The Moody Standard Staff Matt Snyder, managing editor:“My parents read through the Christmas story each Christmas Eve. Mom once wrapped up her nativity set in wrapping paper, and as each kid opened the characters,

Barely Getting By—a response to Occupy

by Nathan Little   freshman international ministries major  The economic structures placed in our lives by misguided government leaders and greedy businessmen have lowered our standard of living to barely getting by. Minor consolation, yet no relief,

Indelible Traces

by Kaitlin Atmore, editor-in-chief To the Females of Moody Bible Institute: As you no doubt have realized, the hubbub of weddings and engagements increase as the holiday season approaches. Many of our floor mates are either

Student Theological Society

by Abbie Teater, correspondent Each person’s paycheck received from a boss is usually broken into 90 percent and 10 percent, with the 10 set aside for the Lord’s tithe. Commonly, churches pass around the plate

Metalcore singer reflects on his journey to faith

Josh Guim Photography

by Marcus Goble, staff writer After opening a concert in Chicago on Nov. 6, Mattie Montgomery, the Christian front man of a metalcore band named For Today (Facedown Records), spared some time for an interview.

Growing yogurt? Kefir restores,maintains healthy digestion

by Katie Skero, news editor Meet kefir, your newest, cultured, enzyme-rich friend chock full of probiotics and healthy micro-organisms that will help you balance your inner ecosystem. Kefir is in the yogurt family, but it goes

Health services helps students through cold season

by Chris Burdick, copy editor With finals approaching and the deadline for overcut appeals looming, illness is a distraction that most students cannot afford. Though cold and flu viruses can seem impossible to avoid in

Meet presidential candidates running outside of Republican, Democratic parties

by Dillon Mack, correspondent It is likely many people only think of the two major political parties in the U.S.—the Democrats and the Republicans—when considering the presidential race. However, there are more parties than those

City offers skating rinks for recreation

by Andrea Stimmel, staff writer Chicago operates several ice rinks throughout the city during the winter months. The skating season runs from mid-November through the end of February, but ultimately depends on the weather. These

N.T. Wright visits Moody campus, discusses New Testament theology

by Marcus Goble, staff writer On Monday, Nov. 7, a man widely deemed “the preeminent New Testament scholar of our time” visited Moody’s campus. While on his way to a conference in San Francisco, N.