Culture’s crushes: My one week hiatus from church

I go to church in Wheaton, at Wheaton Chinese Alliance Church. It is the place where I have consistently felt most at home the last couple years. While I have many great friends at

Count Dracula embodies temptation and evil in Bram Stoker’s classic

by Shelby Miller managing editor The scent of death is tantalizing, the lure of sin beguiling. It desires to sink its teeth into you, to drink the life from you, to envelope you in its

China carries out 336 million abortions in forty years

by Marcus Goble features editor According to an article released by The Financial Times on March 15, China’s Health Ministry reports that 336 million abortions have been performed in the country since 1971, when the

Moody Theological Seminary unveils new masters program

by Johanna Hensler correspondent This coming fall, Moody Theological Seminary (MTS) will offer a new program catered to specific students — those called to minister in the workplace. The new program, under the direction of

Students discuss participation in military

by Cristina Krahling correspondent Second only to Joshua George’s passion for evangelism is his passion for the military. George, a junior world evangelism and missions major, plans on joining the Marine Corps upon graduation. He

Explaining what students need to know about defibrillators, how to use them

by Jonathon Osborn staff writer If you had the chance to save a life, would you? Could you? Cardiac arrest, the ceasing of proper blood flow due to a wild and erratic heart-beat, is the leading cause

The Crossroads: Grace and judgment in the face of evil

The news of the bombings at the Boston Marathon hit me just moments after it happened, as a fellow student relayed the slim number of facts he had to our entire class. We entered

Brenton Smith leaves RS position for pastorate

by Sullivan Williams correspondent After twelve years at Moody, resident supervisor (RS) and former student Brenton Smith will be leaving his post at the end of this school year. Coming here as a freshman in

From Peru to Moody, Twinem keeps passion for soccer alive

by Jenna Reed staff writer Kalena Twinem, sophomore urban ministry major, had her first encounter with a soccer ball while still teetering on 3-year-old legs, weaving between a sea of chairs in her church. Thus

Athletes nationwide step up to the plate, Chicago teams swing for fences

by Isaac Wilson web content manager As we enter into the month of May, baseball season is in full swing. All around the country, little leaguers, high schoolers and minor leaguers alike have been imitating