Self-trained artist uses paintings to adorn rooms in dormitory hall

by Jon Forsythe staff writer As I roam from room to room on my floor, I notice that something has changed this semester. The floor feels more refined. Somehow, it is brighter. Then I see it:

Tensions rise in Middle East after supposed Israeli air strike

by Reichert Zalameda correspondent Tension in the Middle East has reached a new high as a conflict between Israel and Syria has risen. On Jan. 30, missiles were launched into Syrian airspace. The target was

Sherlock – TV Mini-Series

reviewed by Dillon Mack news editor Starting in 2010, the BBC produced yet another new media interpretation of the classic stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. In a TV show simply titled “Sherlock,” the BBC synthesized

Like Crazy – Romantic Drama

reviewed by Andy Decker correspondent Film: Like Crazy Genre: Romantic Drama “Like Crazy” tells a powerful cautionary tale centered on the relationship between English college student Anna (Felicity Jones) and her American boyfriend Jacob (Anton Yelchin) as

Message of 1925 classic still poignant today

by Jon Forsythe staff writer Superfluous parties, ostentatious wealth, fraudulent transactions and promiscuous liaisons: no, this is not a recently scripted television show. Rather, it is a classical work of American literature. In 1925, F. Scott

President supports committee for immigration reform

by Dillon Mack news editor On Monday, Feb. 11, an eight-member, bipartisan senatorial committee announced a plan for immigration reform that includes many of the plans President Obama supported during his election campaign. According to

7th Inning Stretch: The girl who can smile

Proverbs 31 has been a passage that makes me feel unworthy. The virtuous, godly woman described here seems to be the furthest thing from me. Whenever I read this passage, I picture a soft-spoken,

Soapbox: Downplayed concerns of modern media culture

by Andy Decker sophomore communications Over the last few years I’ve become well-acquainted with the sentiment among Christians that R-rated films are the dreadful result of a fallen race and should not be consumed. With

Liturgy: the work of the people

by Andie Roeder Moody senior communications Many of us were raised in churches that fear liturgy. Well-meaning evangelical churches have often spurned the idea of liturgy along with anything remotely resembling Roman Catholicism in an

New Spokane Professor an artist and an intellectual

by Hattie Buell correspondent The Spokane campus of Moody Bible Institute welcomed a new faculty member this semester, Dr. Beverly Kay Tronsen — who “always, always, always” goes by Kay—into the Communications department. An Assistant Professor,