Students and faculty prepare for annual Christmas program

by Damon Wenig business manager Since 1954, the MBI music department has been ushering in the holiday season with a festive Christmas time tradition — Candlelight Carols. Each year, Candlelight Carols features the Moody Chorale,

Letter to the editor: Listen before you label

by Kate Kjeldgaard freshman communications  “This spring, a family friend moved into our downstairs apartment. I was 17. I remember asking my mom if our friend was gay before she arrived; I was right. I shared

“Jesus Feminist” seeks to liberate women from sexism within the church

by Kaitlyn Schwenk staff writer Hailed on the back cover as “a clarion freedom call for all who want to realize their giftedness and potential in the kingdom of God,” Sarah Bessey’s November-released “Jesus Feminist”

Classic and contemporary Christmas albums to usher in the holiday season

by Theodore Siu correspondent For better or worse, the holiday spirits have once again descended upon our home city of Chicago. Regardless of what you do to acquire that familiar Christmas spirit, there will always

Adventurous Inconveniences: Living practice drills for the Christian

We were the worst team in the league. All right, the second worst. We won one game the entire season by virtue of being the only team to score. There was no reason at first

Bughouse Square: Does “White Man’s Burden” have something to say to the Church?

by Tim Sisk missions department chair After working for sixteen years as the chief research economist at the World Bank, William Easterly left his position, frustrated and angry with what he calls the twin tragedies

Academic learning center launches on-the-spot help for students

by Frank Roberts correspondent Within the undulating life of a college student exists waves of unclear paper formats, ambiguous assignments and persistent writer’s block. Through the efforts of two staff members, Moody has recently introduced

Siblings take family bond onto the court and into the game

by Damon Wenig business manager You may have heard it said, “Those who play together, stay together.” This lilting verse holds a particular significance for siblings Emily and Jenna Bloodworth. Basketball has been a fusing

Archers bring Christ to the court in penitentiary visit

by Dillon Mack  news editor The Moody Men’s Basketball team played their first game of the year on Saturday Oct. 26, but it wasn’t a regular game. That Saturday, the basketball team played one of

Soapbox: The problem with Christmas

by John Osborn sports editor As a child, I distinctly remember hearing sleigh-bells on the roof of my grandparents’ bed and breakfast in the wee morning hours of Christmas day while I lay awake, totally