Twins use unicycles as means for ministry

by Sarah Zeigler staff writer You might have seen them as they sprint through the plaza carrying their single wheeled toy. Bright eyes and laughter accompany them on their adventures through the city of

Solheim Center pool to re-open mid-May

by Peter Staudinger staff writer Grab your towel and goggles! The Solheim Center swimming pool is nearly repaired and scheduled to re-open in mid-May, according to the Facilities department. All spring semester long, students, faculty and

Indiana religious liberty law draws criticism, protests

by Andrew Cullen correspondent In the wake of the legalization of same-sex marriage in Indiana, the state’s new Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) has sparked a nationwide debate over its legality. On March 26, Governor

Archer Profile: Men’s soccer captain relishes opportunity to lead

by Peter Staudinger staff writer Co-captain of the men’s soccer team and junior pastoral ministries major Daniel Van Camp hopes to lead his team well in the 2015 season. “My biggest concern is to set an

Chipotle’s loss is Moody’s gain

by Johannah Hensler staff writer There’s something about the predictability of pico de gallo every Tuesday that is comforting to harried students. So, when Tuesday rolls around, who makes the magic happen? Carlos Perez, head

The Contour: Relearning creative refueling

Writing this column can be one of the most difficult tasks of my week. I find myself writing large-scale research papers with more ease than squeezing out five hundred words about nearly anything I

“Sawasdee” from overseas: Reunification and radicalism

by Jonathan Sumetikul news editor South Korea, a longtime ally of the United States, made headlines on March 5 as U.S. Ambassador Mark Lippert was attacked in Seoul, South Korea. According to CNN, Lippert was

PCM trips offers glimpse into cross-cultural ministry

by Sandi Dalton staff writer Moody offers several spring break trips through the PCM department. One such trip is going to the Philippines where students have the opportunity to work with Samaritana, an organization committed

From the Turf: Tiger Woods – a picture of unrealized potential

18 years ago this past weekend, Tiger Woods won the Masters by 12 strokes, initiating his reign over the golf world. For the next decade, Woods dominated professional golf more decisively than any other

Moody’s March Madness, Assassins, clears the field

by Hannah Lantzy staff writer The goal of Assassins is to remain alive until you have killed all other players. The first week of March, RACO signed up 270 people for Assassins; the number alive