Moody’s Resident Jedi Knight

One student discusses the force and Bible college by Casey VanderStel correspondent Not too long ago, in a plaza not that far away, you may have seen a lightsaber duel. This sight might make the casual Culby

Letters to the editor: Responses to last issue’s “Addressing Institutional Sexism”

These are responses written in response of the Institutional Sexism article published in Volume 81:5. To whom it may concern, Thank you for taking time to read this. I am a consistent reader of The

Women’s Cross-Country wins third straight national title

Junior Katie Morris takes second consecutive medalist honors by Jon Forsythe general editor The Moody women’s cross country team finished the 2015 season as the NCCAA DII national champions for a third consecutive year.  Four of

“Sawasdee” from overseas: In those parts of the world

Beyond the scope of the Paris attacks A few weeks ago, while scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, I noticed my friends’ pictures filtered through the colors of the French flag and their pages filled with

No Christmas like home

by Katya Green correspondent Halloween concludes and Christmas descends with a bang of jingle bells. The average American scurries through discarded Hershey wrappers and lopsided gravestones to wrap ropes of colored lights around every mailbox

That’s Brutal: Blowing off steam

Finding joy in uncommon places I doubt any metalhead could have said it better than August Burns Red did with their newest piece of merch, a shirt that reads “Angry music for happy people” across

Christmas in Chicago: a magical experience

by Megan Wohlers correspondent As I walked down State Street a few weeks ago, the beauty of the window displays, each one different from the last, struck me. A city does not feel like home until

The Digest: A distaste for gluttony

Discerning the heart’s attitude towards food by Andrew Cullen campus and city editor Tis’ the season to be … a glutton. With Thanksgiving in the rearview mirror and Christmas quickly approaching, we find ourselves bombarded with enticing entrées

Dear Chris Volume 6

Goodbye by Chris Lieberman copy editor   Dear Chris, My roommate bought me a really nice Christmas gift. She didn’t tell me she was getting me anything and insists that I don’t have to buy her a present,

Heart of the matter: Silent God

It’s awfully quiet down here by Margaret Tazioli editor-in-chief   My God is a silent god. He no longer speaks to me. Not that I’m sure he ever did. I lie in the grass — feeling the irritated