“White Privilege”: Why The Church Must Protect The Use Of This Term

by Janay Garrick, professor: communications department None of my children in the inner-city were white. Teaching third grade to Ernesto, Jennifer, Alvaro… Black children, Latino children, each of them born or immigrated to one of the

Letter to the Editor: Stepping stones

by Jonathan Buchanan correspondent We are brought into massive expectations here at Moody. For many of us, we have dreams of plugging into ministry and directly impacting the kingdom of God. We long to make

Letter to the editor: Privilege rescinded

by Eric Redmond assistant professor of Bible As new transplants to the Chicago area, our family has come with great hopes and dreams of the joyous things the Lord has in store for us. We

Letter to the Editor: The voice of white privilege

by Winfred Neely professor of pastoral studies I have enjoyed a collegial relationship with Bryan Litfin for over 10 years. I consider him to be a valued colleague and a brother in Christ. I am

Letter to the Editor: Rescinding the term “white privilege”

by Brian Litfin professor of theology The topic of “white privilege” recently became a subject of campus discussion after a poster from the student group Embrace was vandalized. I contributed negatively to that discussion when