Writer’s Block: To see and love the wounded

It’s overwhelming. I just walked down to the Houghton 3 lounge to give my mind a rest from writing the article on self-harm and from transcribing a student’s interview on her cutting experiences. Awhile before

Writer’s Block: When it doesn’t come naturally

I chose to attend Moody one night deep in the Shanghai skyline. Shanghai reminded me of downtown Chicago, and while walking around that Chinese city looking for last-minute souvenirs, I knew I wanted to

Writer’s Block: There’s a problem here, and it’s not the feminists

I am not a feminist. Or, at least, I don’t think I am. I’ve even been guilty, in the past, of rolling my eyes at the concept. My reaction was, in part, one I’d learned

Writer’s Block: Dream a little bigger, darling

by Jenna Pirrie editor-in-chief I’ve never been much of a dreamer. I’ve never had my head in the clouds, never been a castles-in-the-sky kind of girl. I didn’t grow up daydreaming about celebrity crushes or my

Writer’s Block: What hard work should prevent, but doesn’t

by Shelby Miller managing editor I never used to turn in late assignments — I was naive enough to think I never would. That all changed when I came to college. As a society with virtually everything

Writer’s Block: The trouble with your texts

You text a friend for a favor and get this response: “…yeah… sure.” How does this reply sound back in the recesses of your mind? Do you feel a note of annoyance, a twinge

Writer’s Block: So, tell me what you want

The freedom to be vocal about our opinions and to read about others’, is a precious thing. The sharing of opinions can validate us when we feel we’re alone in thinking the way we

Writer’s Block: Pitting “well-rounded” against authenticity

Exploring connections between life and communications Authenticity is a struggle in both writing and editing. Every writer thinks and writes differently, and when I edit an article, I have to remember that my voice is

Writer’s Block: Stepping beyond shallow questions

When writing a profile for the newspaper, I interview the subject from a long list of prepared questions—basic questions, unexpected questions, questions intended to guide our conversation—so I’ll have as much information as I

Writer’s Block

by Jenna Pirrie business manager I have never really stopped being surrounded by words. My grandfather worked as an editor for the majority of his career, and my mother is a freelance writer and editor.