The Student Government: A Year in Review

by Sara Nimori, correspondent & new SGA President

Have you ever wondered what Student Government does? If not, perhaps you have not heard of Student Government. This reaction prompts a look at what exactly the Student Government Association (SGA) has done for the student body this year, as well as an introduction to our agenda for the 2018-2019 school year.

One of the biggest changes this year was the creation of reform meetings with James Spencer, Dean of Undergraduate Studies. During these meetings, a sampling of students – along with SGA Vice President Benjamin Clements, junior pastoral studies major, – have discussed topics such as race, graduate programs, the PCM department, FYOP, and chapel.

Currently, SGA sits on the chapel committee, providing feedback and suggesting changes to Rachel Monfette, associate dean of students; students may remember SGA President Joshua Brummel, senior pastoral studies major, speaking in chapel a few times over the school year.

SGA has listened to the student response to the SDR, and in turn has met with Food Service on multiple occasions to convey their feedback for the improvement of student meals. And just a few weeks ago, the Board of Trustees ate dinner in the SDR with students as part of SGA’s movement to pursue a relationship of familiarity, transparency, and trust between the student body and the Moody administration.

Moody is still very much a prayerful community, and this was exemplified in part through organized prayer in the SDR once a month and a prayer event in November following the faculty changes. Worship events in Torrey- Gray were arranged to provide a helpful space for students to worship in the midst of administrative transition.

It’s no secret that tensions have, at times, run high among our ethnic student groups. A helpful solution has been to sit down with James Spencer and Ed Jones, assistant dean of multicultural studies, to communicate these concerns. Currently, the diversity committee doesn’t have any student representatives – but we’re working to change that very soon.

Student group leaders may have noticed a change in the way student leadership seminars have been run. SGA brought more reform and intentionality to the way practical leadership skills are provided in these bi-monthly meetings. Additionally, one-on-one student group meetings with Student Government have begun as a way to pursue better communication of student group needs.

For the first time in several years, SGA is acting as an effective liaison between the student body and upper-level administration, meeting consistently with the department heads, deans, VPs, and the President to foster a trusting relationship and improve communication.

Many students have expressed concern or confusion over the SLG, and consequently we have worked for student representation on the SLG committee. And if you’ve seen a calendar of student group events on your floor, that’s SGA. We’re working to produce more detailed and helpful calendars that drop at the beginning of each month.

Perhaps the most visible part of SGA’s work this semester is the two chapel videos and accompanying social media campaign striving to unify campus with the theme “Alive” and the mantra “Share Your Why,” to remind us of our commitment to serve Christ through our time at Moody.

For those not aware, Chicago’s campus will be welcoming over a hundred transferring Spokane students this fall; SGA is arranging with the Admissions Department to be part of their transition and integration into campus life. 

Finally, the buzz and publicity around this year’s election is the biggest it’s been in several years, thanks to intentional reform of the election process; this includes the recent on-campus debate that both presidential candidates participated in, as well as a new online voting system which will streamline the election process. And in August, I – Sara Nimori – am beyond honored to be serving as your president.

We are your student government, your classmates, and your fellow followers in the faith, dedicated, like you, to growing as a community. Please have patience and extend grace to us, as we strive to serve you humbly, effectively, and to the glory of God.


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