What Classes Should I Choose?

by Jessi Bee, correspondent

It’s that time of year again! Spring registration is fast approaching and students are starting to consider their options and requirements for next semester’s classes. The variety can be overwhelming, but fellow students are eager to offer advice for choosing next semester’s schedule.

Alyssa Button, a sophomore human services major, said three of her favorite classes are Spiritual Life and Community with Professor Kerwin Rodriguez, instructor of pastoral studies; Studying and Teaching the Bible with Professor Aaron Frankenfeld, an adjunct professor; and Bible Introduction with Dr. Steven Sanchez, professor of Bible.

She described each as filling and challenging her in ways beyond the typical classroom experience. All are required classes, but Button recommended these professors specifically.

“[T]o be a professor is more of a ministry than a profession,” she said. “I don’t know three men who are more in tune with that.”

Josie Puchta, a junior elementary education major, chose Foundations of Christian Education with Professor Peter Worrall, associate professor of education ministries, as her favorite class. This class is only offered for education majors, but for those who can take it, Puchta highly recommended it.

“It changed my thinking,” she said, “and it’s what really inspired me in Christian education.”

She said the class exposed her to the reality of Christian education as a ministry.

Ian Lennon, a senior theology major, listed eight classes that he loved, including Historical Theology I with Professor Gregg Quiggle, Dean of Study Abroad; Holocaust with Professor Michael McDuffee, professor of theology; and Romans with Professor Gerald Peterman, professor of Bible.

Lennon’s enthusiasm for all of these classes echoed Puchta’s and Button’s; all three said that their favorite classes defied the typical classroom approach and developed skills to be put to use outside the classroom. What they remembered was less content and more life application.

Lennon offered a word of caution to younger students as they enroll.

“God is in control of your education, and you will find that there are going to be profs. here who are going to teach things that you need to hear, even if you think the class sucks,” he said. “If you get into a class that you’re not particularly excited about, you will still learn from it, I guarantee it, unless you don’t go in with that attitude.”

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